Welcome to Geek Street

This is 73 Geek Street.

My blog about Games and Gaming, fantasy and Science Fiction, writing and reading. It may at times be eclectic, as I’m easily distracted but hopefully we will enjoy the ride.


Lots of people live on Geek Street.

We’re a diverse community.

There’s the gaming geeks, who grew up on Virtua Fighter, worked through Doom and now play Call of Duty or Need for Speed, through their consoles. There are the Sci Fi Geeks arguing over Trek v Wars v Babylon Five. There are the Anime geeks, and the role-playing geeks, and the MMORPG geeks and the comic book geeks.

And then there is me at number 73, determined if nothing else to reclaim the other G word.

I’m a geek, and I’m proud of it.

At 11, I was the only kid in town with  D & D basic. By14, Tim and I were playing Car Wars  at lunch and making regular forays to the city to buy up the comics I couldn’t get in my home town. I discovered Tolkien, and  Terry Pratchett and Phillip K Dick. I played seven cities of gold on my Apple IIC and thought how great it would e if there was a game where you could build a civilization and nurture it from say 4000C to Alpha Centauri.

By the time I was in university I had discovered that there were lots more geeks out there, and at least half a dozen were happy to spend their Sundays eating Pizza and Dorito’s and playing Rolemaster.

And so it went. The evolution of my interests, through MTG, and Warhammer 40K, through Buffy and Firefly, through Iain M Banks and Neil Gaiman to today. Where I am. A geek, with my own place on Geek Street, cupboards variously full of figurines, or cards, or Computer games or comics, a daughter who I  am trying to teach to use the force and a wife who tolerates my shifting obsessions.

This blog is about geekdom, and more specifically about my geekdom. A distracted and at times incoherent mishmash of reviews, comments, projects and ideas, that I hope some might find interesting.

Drop in and see me, stick around for a chat and offer your opinions. Because if there is one thing we geeks are happy to do it is share our opinions.

Geek at 73

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